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Zorya Rose, LLC

Zorya Rose, LLC

Business Technology

About Us

What are things you love doing as part of your business, and what are things you dread doing because of the time and energy they take up? I will help you find the right software tools and systems to leap those hurdles, so you have more space to focus on what brings you joy as an entrepreneur and what moves the needle for your business. If the tech doesn’t exist out there yet - I’ll build it. I have a proven track record of building custom workflow automations and apps that are exactly tailored to fit your business.

Technology doesn’t have to be another daunting task on your plate. When you reach out to Zorya Rose, I’ll be the one to chat with you about what is working well and what isn’t in the day to day of your business, and I’ll use my expertise in software and user experience to recommend the roadmap forward. No matter what project I work on for you, I will provide you with onboarding materials and I’m available for ongoing support in the future. I’m especially passionate about working with women, gender-diverse individuals, and people with ADHD who own small businesses.

Whether you need tech advice, software recommendations that take your unique business needs into consideration, or an application for running your business from A-Z, Zorya Rose can help.